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Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Working on the laundry room. What day is it? What time is it? I pretty much live in there now, emerging only to eat or to pick up more materials. SOS (Send Over Snacks).

Honor Roll, shall we?

Honor Roll

  • My favorite spaces are the ones that have come together over time.* bit by bit over time and shared all of the details (photos above and below). It’s inspiring to see how smaller changes add up, as most of us can’t renovate a whole kitchen at once.
    * Which reminds me, I left my last Making it Yours edition unfinished. Whoops. Look for that soonish.

  • The is here! I thought would be my favorite, but might have it beat.

  • Hello, . Looking so very good.

  • My pixie has finally grown out enough for me to do the only updo I know: ! Bobby pins work, but make it super easy.

  • I’ve been on a beauty kick lately. I picked up last week, joking as I paid that it had better make me look beautiful because I didn’t really plan on buying $50 worth of eyeshadow that day. Um, it kind of did. I learned how to do eye makeup! In my late thirties! What a thrill.

  • Danish artist has finished his ! Looking forward to checking them out in person with the kids.

All right. I’m taking the boys for haircuts today and then, you guessed it, back to working on the laundry room for me! Have a great weekend.


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