Honor Roll

Honor Roll

  • (p.s. Shoutout to my least favorite phrase: “must be nice.”)
    “”A lot of moms were very critical,” says Benson. “They’d say things like … ‘Must be nice to have a maid so you can have all this free time.’ ”

    But that hostility vanished once he added the fact that “I’m the dad” to the bio section on his Tumblr. “Suddenly, the Internet was all smiles, because we expect so little from dads,” he says.”

  • , is amazing! Also, I imagine that portion at the end might be a smidge terrifying for people afraid of elevators.

  • The are remarkably visible from above right now. The water is particularly clear right after the ice melts and before the algae blooms.

  • Dooce: . Natalie: . Rebecca: .

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