Decorating for a Cute and Casual Backyard Party

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I was in charge of decorating for a party this past weekend. (Friends! Family! Put me in charge of these things — I love it.) It was a casual get together, but we still wanted to make the space cute.

Backyard Spring Get Together

I got everything we needed from , mixing it in with everyday white plates, silverware, and glass tumblers. Once the basics are covered, I think of decorating for a party (especially one without a strict theme) the same way I would for any room, in terms of pattern, color, and texture.


The main pattern came in through the and . From there, I added a couple of substantial vases in and , and even a that you’ll see a few pictures down.

Rope Patterned Napkins and Tablecloth from Target

• •


The tablecloth had a white background with a pattern in navy that was so dark it almost looked black. It covered a table with a weathered gray fence behind it, and we used simple dishes on the table, so to bring in a little more color, I picked up a fun set of . A matched one of the dishes, along with the . A matched another, and then I hung two strands of along the top of the fence.

Cute Vases from Target

• • • • •

People Love Food

• • • • •

Ignore the crazy hair under my hat. Right now it’s at the baby bangs and borderline mullet growing-it-out phase. (A haircut has been scheduled for next week. Grow it out? Keep it short? Ah, the perpetual struggle of the pixie cut. Hence, )


We needed extra seating, so I brought this and outside. The shape and details are great, and they were nice and sturdy — heavier than I expected!

Rattan Chair

• •

The rattan was repeated in a that corralled drinks, and I also brought in some natural wood with and a . (Note that the bowl is not food safe. I placed a plate inside to use it for serving.) Wood and rattan are contrasted with smooth ceramic dishes, , and a , and then the vases added even more depth with matte finishes and details. Plants and flowers are always a must, and of course in the background were a nice way to bring in even more texture.

Spring/Summer Get Together

The weather cooperated for us and it was so nice to be able to spend time with everyone outside. (Hopefully there’s no more snow to be seen until winter now!) I’d like to think that the decorations added to everyone’s enjoyment too. And I’ll leave you with this pro tip: make sure any adorable dogs present are suitably attired in a bandana to match your party decor.

Party Animal

(Such a party animal.)

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    April 22, 2016 at 11:06 am

    This is so cute! I love love loveeee that chair!

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