Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Hills-DeCaro House, Oak Park, IL

These are the things that have made my Honor Roll.

  • Tickets are on sale now for the annual walk! I try to go each year and I’ll be there with a press ticket this time, but interior photos aren’t allowed. If you want to see inside these houses (some are Wright homes, others are just beautiful houses in Oak Park), the only way is to , May 20. It’s a walkable loop this year, which is so nice!

  • I wore Chucks and paratrooper boots back then, but the girlier/popular ’90s girls among you probably wore

  • Eleanor, About to Meet Andrea Beaty (Author of Iggy Peck, Architect) - 2014

  • Andrea Beaty has brought us some of our favorite kids’ books (Iggy Peck, Architect; Rosie Revere, Engineer; Ada Twist, Scientist), and she has . If you’d like them in a larger size, she has made them (and they receive 100% of the net proceeds).
    p.s. Andrea Beaty was the first author Eleanor had ever met when we went to her signing in 2014. She was so excited — dressing up with a headband and necklace to be fancy — and she was nervous as we waited in line. She was so little! Meeting her favorite author was a big deal, and those books have grown with us. Pick them up, if you haven’t already.

  • offered us a pair of tickets for ‘social media week’, and I took Eleanor. Horses! Gymnasts! Such a beautiful show! Tickets are on sale right now with the code SOCIAL.

  • It’s acceptable to search for love through online matchmaking sites now, but friendship? Meet doing just that.

  • Looks like I have a family that’s going to want to go to Disney in 2019.

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