Honor Roll

Honor Roll

We’re getting ready to host a party tomorrow. Our house is never so clean as when we know a bunch of people are going to be coming over! I think I want to channel that energy into the long weekend, continuing the cleaning process by decluttering.

Whoo! I really know how to live it up.

Honor Roll

  • Sézane’s designer, Morgane Sézalory, has the perfect .

  • is next weekend! I’m telling you now so you can plan ahead. Peek inside some of Chicago’s best architecture, all for free. There are 10 spots in Oak Park too!

  • It’s pie season. (That’s a thing, right?) This is the prettiest I’ve seen.

  • Isolating the genes responsible for butterfly wing patterns lets . This kind of accuracy in gene manipulation with CRISPR is amazing.

  • Having to when your child is sick. (My friend is one of the moms profiled in the article.)

  • Is it art? Is it just for Instagram?

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