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My Photo Projects

I took a monthly photo of my daughter, Eleanor, and of my son, August, in the same settings until they were each two years old, switching to yearly photos for them after that. I am currently doing the same thing for my son, Calvin. I also took a daily photographs as part of my 4-6 Weeks Project to document our time as a family of three before my second child was born, and again as a family of four before my youngest arrived.

Eleanor's Monthly PhotosAugust's Monthly PhotosCalvin's Monthly Photos

The 4-6 Weeks Project | Making it LovelyThe 4-6 Weeks Project  (Again!)| Making it Lovely


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My Photography Gear

Shutter Bug
I shoot with a . I have used a variety of lenses over the years, but I almost aways pair it with these two:

  • my absolute favorite

  • for wide angle shots

I also shoot on a when I’m out and about (and often when I’m at home, too). The photo quality is right up there with my 7D, and way better than taking pictures with my iPhone in low-light or with fast moving subjects (i.e. my kids).

You can read about my decision to upgrade to the 7D, and check out my essential photography gear recommendations for beginners.

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